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Around and Around We Go

By Keating | November 15, 2008

So, once again it’s been quite a while since my last post. I really need someone to poke me with a stick to remind me to put things up here. It’s been a busy month or so, I’ve done a couple of Covers for the “Halloween” mini-series from Devil’s Due publishing, as well as some work for BOOM studios. I also did a bunch of advertising work which I can’t show you, unfortunately. Maybe in a few weeks.

Also, I’ve really started investing my time in some 3d applications in order to beef up my 3d portfolio. It’s fun stuff, but It’s really demanding on my computer. I can’t get hair rendering to work for the life of me. Nothing but crashes. Oh well, it’s still fun to mess around in these programs. Anyway, hope someone out there checks in from time to time. Look to the skies!

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