About Me

Scott Keating is an award winning artist, commercial illustrator, designer and comic-book artist. He lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland but has worked with a wide variety of clients around the world. Scott has worked as a professional illustrator/designer since graduating with a BFA and has worked for some of the largest publishing  and entertainment companies in the world. His client list includes Random House, Harper Collins, Original Productions, IDW Publishing, Dark Horse Publishing, Image Comics, BOOM Studios, Fantasy Flight Games, and The Idea Factory. Scott’s work has appeared in magazines, books, comics, and commercial products such as CD’s as well Film And Theatrical posters. His artwork is published world-wide as well as locally and he has contributed to group and solo fine-art exhibitions in a variety of settings.


Work List



  • Director, Editor, Cinematographer, “ Hungry Ghosts,” 3 Asthmatics Productions, 2008

  • Designer, Illustrator, “ Chopper Zombie,” Original Productions, 2006-2008

  • Design, Layout, Illustration, Retro-styled Promotional Images, The Idea Factory, 2008

  • Illustrator, “Dear Santa, Let Me Explain” ( Tentative title ), Random House Publishing, 2008 

  • Illustrator, “Postcards Anthology 2″ ( Tentative title ), Random House publishing, 2008


  • Designer, Illustrator, “Chopper Zombie,” Original Productions, 2006-2008

  • Designer, Photographer, “Chris Picco – Ferris Wheel”, CD Booklet/Packaging, 2007

  • Designer, Illustrator,”Promotional Booklet for Bruce Alcock,” The Idea Factory, 2007 

  • Illustrator,”Death and the Man Who Could Not Die,” Silent Devil, 2007

  • Designer, “Contemporary Art – Lecture Series”, Poster design for RCA Visual, 2007

  • Designer,”Four Newfoundland Video Artists”, Poster design for RCA Visual, 2007

  • Colorist, “Lockdown”, Publisher to be Decided, Chris Arrant, 2007

  • Illustrator, “America Jr.”,, 2007

  • Writer, Illustrator, “Bloodlines,” Publisher to Be Decided, 2007

  • Colorist, “Elk’s Run,” Random House publishing, 2007

  • Colorist, “Beowulf,” Harper Collins Publishing, 2007

  • Designer, Illustrator,”Hamilton Avenue Mural,” City of St. John’s, 2007

  • Writer, Illustrator, “Step Into the Light” column for “Sketch Magazine,” Blue Line Pro, 2007

  • Board of Directors, “Eastern Edge Gallery,” An Artist Run Centre, 2005-2007


  • Designer, Illustrator, “Chopper Zombie,” Original Productions, 2006-2008

  • Desinger, Illustrator,”Duckworth Street Mural”, City of St. John’s, 2006

  • Desinger, “Annual Members Show”, poster design, RCA Visual, 2006

  • Designer, Illustrator, “Call of Cthulu: CCG”, Fantasy Flight Games, 2006

  • Designer, Illustrator, “Flattering The Masters”, RCA Visual, 2006

  • Colorist,”What Were They Thinking!?”, Cover of Issues 1-3, BOOM Studios, 2006

  • Illustrator, “Wicked West II: Abomination and Other Tales”, Image Comics, 2006

  • Illustrator, “Game of Thrones CCG – House of Thorns,” Fantasy Flight Games, 2006

  • Designer, Illustrator,”Feast of the Seven Fishes Festival,”  Festival Organizers, 2006

  • Designer and Illustrator, “Nickel Independent Film Festival” Poster, 2004-2006


  • Designer, Illustrator,”Southside Road Mural”, City of St. John’s, 2005 

  • Designer and Illustrator for advertising, “Sunday School Drop-Out”, Fly on the Wall Productions, Toronto Fringe Festival 2005

  • Illustrator, “Game of Thrones CCG – Song of Twilight,” Fantasy Flight Games, 2005

  • Illustrator, “Game of Thrones CCG – Winter Edition,” Fantasy Flight Games, 2005

  • Illustrator/Cover Artist, “Silent Hill”, Issue 1, IDW Publishing, 2005

  • Colorist, “CSI: Secret Identity,’ Issues 1-5, IDW Publishing, 2005


  • Illustrator/Designer, “Western Tales of Terror,” Issues 1-3, Hoarse and Buggy Productions, 2004

  • Colorist, “The Wicked West”, Image Comics, 2004

  • Colorist, “Secret Skull” Issues 2-4, IDW publishing, 2004

  • Pinup Artist, “Fused: Canned Heat” trade paperback, Dark Horse Comics, 2004

  • Illustrator, “Fireborn” “Game of Thrones Collectible Card Game”, “Senator”, Fantasy Flight Games, 2004

  • Illustrator, “Jabberwocky Games,” 2004

  • Design/Layout, “Nickel Independent Film and Video Festival,” 2004

  • Cover Illustration, “Albedo ONE” publication.

  • Design, Illustration, and Layout for ‘Killer Dope Productions’ Poster, 2004


  • Illustrator, Dilly Green Bean Games, 2003

  • Design, Layout, and Photography, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, BFA Graduating Catalogue 2003

  • Photography MUCEP (Maintaining Darkroom as well as Aiding other students) 2003

  • Photographer, SWGC presentations of “Elektra”,”The Trojan Women”, and “Summerfolk”, 2003

  • Photographer, SWGC presentations of ‘The Sea’ and ‘The Cherry Orchard” 2002

  • Member of the Gallery Advisory Committee, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College Art Gallery, 2000-2002

  • MUN Archives and Conservation Lab, Summer 2001

  • MUN Cataloguing Division, QE II Library, Summer 2000

  • Volunteer Teaching, “Kids Kung Fu” classes, 1997-1999